• Marketing and after-sales assistance of air conditioning systems in the commercial, residential and industrial fields. Brands managed over the years: ACSON (DAIKIN), FIMPI and distributor of KAYSUN products.
    DESIGN: design and construction of controlled contamination environments (Clean Room) and air conditioning and ventilation systems in the industrial field.
    MAINTENANCE AND ASSISTANCE: maintenance and assistance for air conditioning systems, heating systems, refrigeration plants, mechanical systems, pneumatic systems and systems, hydraulic systems and systems.
    INDUSTRIAL: design and marketing of systems for industries. Our planners and technicians offer personalized and comprehensive advice for your cooling and heating needs.

Various solutions to solve any energy, cooling or heating problem. Quality of design and materials, cooling and heating powers suitable to cover all needs in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Air conditioning WITHOUT OUTDOOR UNIT and without holes in the facade
Heat pump water heater
INVISIBLE air conditioning for commercial activities
Air conditioning with RADIANT PANELS
GEOTHERMAL for Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water
WATER LOOP systems for shopping centers or residential buildings

Specialized in the production and marketing of accessories for air conditioning, heating, components for ventilation and air treatment

Conditioning and Refrigeration

Polyd polyamide stirrups

Albatrex condensate drain pumps

Dry mechanical siphons

Heating and I.T.S.

Universal grills

Ventilation – Aspirators – Heat recovery units – Air barriers

Air conditioning cleaning and cleaning

Climaplus: Accessories and components for air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heating.

Covent: Components for permanent ventilation.

Drop-Chemical: Line of chemical products for sanitation and maintenance of systems.

Mechanical-Covent: Accessories and Components for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation and Air Treatment.

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